Young at heart

For the word of God is living and active,

Hebrews 4:12a

Young @ Heart is an active senior ministry at Faith Church comprised of "seasoned citizens" over the age of 50. While we may be physically diminishing, we are spiritually growing. Through fellowship and study of the Bible we continue to mature in our faith. We know that God is not finished with us and we have an active role in building God's kingdom... We don't want to simply sit around in rocking chairs! Come join with us to make a difference in this world. Each Sunday at 9:01am we dive into God's Word studying a book in the Bible verse-by-verse. We have recently studied John, Revelation, Ruth, Acts, Romans, Hebrews, and we are currently studying Daniel. We have some very good discussions during our time together. But we are more than just a class! We are a fellowship that loves having a great time together by taking trips or attending events together